RethinkAfrica - A Non-Profit Organization Seeking Better Ideas for Sustained Change



RethinkAfrica (RA) is dedicated to improving the living condition of the desperately poor people in African villages by providing resources for them to develop their talents, skills, and explore local economic opportunities in order to break the circle of poverty. Our goal is to give the poor a hands-up, not hand-outs; to provide opportunities for children to break out of their parents’ endless loop of debilitating poverty and hopelessness, not just put a bandage on their wounds of starvation.

Guiding Principles:


RethinkAfrica believes in empowerment, social justice, and dignity for all. We believe that compassion is not about hand-outs, pity, or piety, but about relationships, empowerment, and real change. Rather than charity, the organization seeks real answers for a safer, healthier and more sustainable Africa.

How We Operate:


Our activities include economic and educational projects, publications, public speaking, seminars, and partnering with individuals, agencies, groups, and other relief organizations. RethinkAfrica serves the needy through God’s love regardless of race, religion, sex, color, creed, language, or nationality. We invite anyone who is concerned about poverty and the economic exploitation of Africa, and who wants to make a difference to join us. We operate on the principles of love, compassion, and social justice, and we welcome your talent and contributions.

Our Vision is to:

  • Inspire a world where Africa, poverty, and social justice are not seen through the lens of the mainstream media, but through the hopes, dreams, and dignity of its people
  • Motivate the silent majority to stand up to economic, racial, and political injustices in Africa and around the world
  • Challenge the established, fabricated paradigm about Africa and its people.